PLUM, Diego Samuel / Light Roast

PLUM, Diego Samuel / Light Roast


We have a very limited supply and it’s a coffee you don’t want to miss!

Tasting Notes: grape juice, hibiscus berry tea, plum

Producer: Diego Samuel

Origin: Finca El Paraiso in Piendamo, Cauca, Colombia

Altitude: 1,930 masl

Variety: Castillo

Harvest: February 2019

Process: Double anaerobic fermentation, controlled drying. See more info below.

Whole Bean Net Wt. 8oz

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Double Anaerobic process - this is where things get interesting. Diego takes post harvest processing to a whole new level to create unique flavor profiles. This coffee is anaerobically fermented in cherry, then pulped and anaerobically fermented again. What that means is the following: Diego uses big bins with oxygen tight lids, and a pressure release valve. The coffee is submerged in water in the bins, and the sugars surrounding the bean begin to ferment. The oxygen is then released out of the pressure release valve as the fermentation builds up pressure, creating an oxygen free environment for anaerobic fermentation to occur. The oxygen in the fermentation vessel is replaced by byproducts of fermentation such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Another key thing that happens is the production of lactic acid during the process and that is why this process when used in coffee is sometimes referred to as lactic processing.

The attention to detail does not stop after the fermentation is complete. Diego meticulously dries the coffee, controlling the humidity and slowing the drying at certain phases to modulate the aromas experienced in the final cup. All this work pays off for Diego as it transforms a very average Castillo variety into a real show stopper.