Event: Public Cupping at Lansdale Cafe

Event: Public Cupping at Lansdale Cafe


Join us on a Saturday afternoon for a Public cupping at our Cafe in Lansdale, 408 W. Main St! Our Director of Coffee, Bobby, will lead you through the cupping while talking about our sourcing, roasting, and all things coffee.

A cupping is a quick and efficient way to taste many coffees side by side. This is a process that is standardized across the coffee industry to provide a straightforward protocol for assessing coffee quality. Coffees are cupped all across the supply chain - buyers at origin, exporters, mills, importers, roasters, baristas - and now you get to cup with us! We will taste a mix of 6 of our current offerings, unfortunately tasting all 10+ of our coffees is a bit too much for one flight!

See the options for upcoming dates. The $5 fee can be used as a credit to purchasing a drink or a bag of coffee after the cupping. If you are coming with a group or a friend, please sign up individually. Or… if you are a really awesome friend, reserve a spot for your friend! The event will last about an hour.

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