Peru, Finca Ecologica Agua Colorada / Light Roast

Peru, Finca Ecologica Agua Colorada / Light Roast


Tasting Notes: allspice, candied walnut, milk chocolate, clementine

Producers: Gilmer Cordova

Origin: San Francisco del Agua Colorada, Cajamarca

Elevation: 1,859 - 1,920 masl

Variety: 90% Red Caturra, 10% Yellow Caturra

Process: Fully Washed

Harvest: Summer 2017

From our importer, Farm to Roast: Located just outside of town the farm is situated high on a hill stretching deep into a beautiful valley. The Cordova family lives in a very small community where the main occupation of the residents is coffee farming. This entire community leverages only organic growing practices to maintain their beautiful ecosystem. Finca Ecologica is interpopulated with both coffee and a variety of fruit trees that help optimize sun and shade exposure to ensure optimal growing conditions. Their coffee accomplished a huge feat this year by placing 6th in the Cup of Excellence, making this one of the top 10 coffees produced in the country this year!  



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