Honduras, Finca JR / Light Roast

Honduras, Finca JR / Light Roast

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Tasting Notes: macadamia, brown sugar, white grape

Producer: Moises Herrera & Marysabel Caballero

Origin: Chinacla, La Paz

Altitude: 1590 masl

Process: Washed

Varieties: Catuai

Harvest: Winter 2019

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Husband and Wife Moises Herrera & Marysabel Caballero run an immaculate coffee production. Their coffees are world famous thanks to their passion, hard work, and good fortune. They are a dynamic duo, both bringing their unique passions and gifts to the farm. Their farm is very innovative as they pioneer post harvest processing techniques and experiment with growing unique varieties. Their farm is quite large, about 100 hectares of planted land, and JR is one plot of land. We selected this Catuai lot from JR for its grape like acidity that complements the warm and comforting notes of brown sugar and macadamia.

Every year Moises and Marysabel choose one exemplary worker from their team and help them build a brand new home. They don’t take for granted the opportunities that have come their way and use their fortunate position to help many other people in need. It is encouraging to be able to buy coffees from partners such as these, for whom the bottom line is not absolutely everything. You can follow them on instagram at @fincaelpuente_moisesmarysabel

Kyle from Osito importers has been buying coffee from Moises and Marysabel for 6 years now, and it is thanks to him that we get to share this coffee. With the market price for coffee being at a sustained historic low, it is important for us to buy coffee from relationships like these, where premiums are paid for quality and support is given where needed.