Honduras, Teodosa Moreno / Light Roast

Honduras, Teodosa Moreno / Light Roast


Tasting Notes: almond butter, raisin, chocolate, orange blossom, sweet and long finish

Producer: Teodosa Moreno and the San Vicente Mill

Origin: Santa Barbara, Honduras

Variety: Pacas

Altitude: 1,580 masl

Process: Fully washed, dried on raised beds in parabolic driers

Harvest: March 2018

“Teodosa has been producing specialty coffee for a while. She belongs to the Moreno family, well known because of the great coffee they produce. Together with her husband Otilio, Teodosa processes all of her coffee at the small wet mill she has at her house. Her farm is right behind the wet mill and  she is able to manage everything with the help of her sons. She brings completely dried parchment to the San Vicente mill and it is stored in grainpro. Her plans are to increase her production in the coming years, planting more coffee at the highest section of her land, aiming for higher scoring lots as well.” -Royal Coffee NY

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