Honduras, Hubert Nicolas Washed Pacamara / Light Roast

Honduras, Hubert Nicolas Washed Pacamara / Light Roast


Tasting Notes: kiwi, floral, bright

Producer: Hubert Nicolas at Finca El Tatascan

Origin: San Jose

Elevation: 1550 masl

Variety: Pacamara

Process: Fully Washed, dried on raised beds

Harvest: Winter/Spring 2018

It took approximately 30 years of careful scientific research to create the Pacamara varietal.  It was released to coffee producers in the late 1980’s. The Pacamara coffee varietal is a creation of the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research (ISIC) back in 1958, which resulted from the crossing of Pacas and the Maragogipe varietals. The Pacas is a natural mutation of the Bourbon varietal.The Maragogipe is a mutation of the Typica varietal.



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