Guatemala, La Colmenita / Light Roast

Guatemala, La Colmenita / Light Roast


Tasting Notes: toffee, dark chocolate, stone fruits

Producer: Francisco Cardona Martin

Origin: Buena Vista, Huehuetenango

Altitude: 1750 masl

Variety: Typica, Bourbon

Process: Fully washed, patio dried

Harvest: Winter 2018


As you may know, Guatemala has gone through a terrible tragedy. As of Thursday June 7th, the current count there is 99 people killed, 200 missing, 12,000+ evacuated, and 1.7 million directly affected in the surrounding area of the volcano. Volcan de Fuego remains active and presents a current and ongoing destructive force.

We bought La Colmenita from Onyx coffee, a Guatemala based exporting and importing company. Onyx has chosen to partner with the Guatemalan chapter of Habitat for Humanity, who is providing both short and long-term support strategies. Onyx is in dialogue with the local office and they will be giving them updates on how their donations are utilized.

For every bag of La Colmenita sold, $2 will be donated to Habitat for Humanity to help Onyx reach their goal of $25,000.

We are always amazed by the solidarity and strength of our coffee community. Thank you for your support.

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