Ethiopia, Guji Uraga / Light Roast

Ethiopia, Guji Uraga / Light Roast

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Tasting Notes: blue raspberry, lemon, jasmine

Producer: Israel Defga of Kerchanshe owns the mill. There are about 2,500 registered farmers who sell their cherry to the mill.

Origin: Uraga town, Guji region, Sidama zone

Elevation: 2100 masl

Variety: Ethiopia Heirloom

Process: Washed

Harvest: Nov-Dec 2017

I got to visit Uraga December of 2018 and am so happy to be able to roast this coffee. As we wait for this years harvest to land stateside, we can enjoy last years harvest that is holding up exceptionally well due in part to the meticulous steps in the washed process. Garuma (pictured) has been the manager of this mill for 4 years and he has a really good reputation for upholding strict adherence to quality measures as well as strictly enforcing that the young kids go to school instead of working at the mill. He has won manager of the year multiple years among the conglomerate of Kerchanshe’s mills. One aspect that Garuma focuses on is the fermentation times (coffee is de-pulped, soaked and fermented, washed clean of any remaining pulp, and dried). At Uraga the fermentation tanks are covered at high sun to prevent excess evaporation, this controls the times better as less water is needed to add into the tanks after evaporation, allowing for a consistent fermentation time of 40-50 hrs prior to drying on raised beds. -Bobby

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