Cold Brew

As opposed to being brewed quickly with hot water, this coffee is brewed (chilled) for a period of 12–24 hours. The longer process and lower temperatures result in a sweeter, smoother and less acidic coffee.

For the best cold brew, we use our signature Punch in the Face (“Punch” for short). It’s a dark roast, single origin coffee from Honduras that has gained a reputation as a Backyard Beans favorite. With the powerful, rich taste and sweet notes of chocolate, you may just want a Punch in the Face every day.

Even Cooler...

Nitro cold brew is chilled, infused with nitrogen and served on tap and in our crafted cans. The creamy mouthfeel, chocolatey taste and velvet-like texture makes it the perfect cup of iced coffee. Get this special treat by visiting us in store. Also available in wholesale for your workplace, gym, or store. Contact us for a quote.