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Coffee Brew Guide

There are many ways to make coffee, and no one way is best. We enjoy using a variety of methods to bring some fun into the process. Each method can bring out different nuances in the coffee. Find out which method appeals to you most and have fun!

A few guidelines that apply to most all brew methods:

  1. Filtered water is ideal. Avoid brewing with distilled/reverse osmosis water because the lack of minerals can result in a flat tasting coffee.
  2. Ideally, grind beans fresh with a burr grinder. While not cheap, burr grinders do make a difference in aroma and taste. 
  3. Keep brewing equipment clean to avoid that old stale coffee smell.
  4. Water temperature should be between 195-205°F 
  5. Use a digital scale to measure the coffee and water for a proper ratio. A good starting point is a 1/16 ratio, for every 16 oz of water use 1 oz of beans. Adjust this ratio according to your preference. 
  6. Flush the brewing device and filter with hot water before brewing. This pre-heats the device and flushes out any papery taste from the filter.