What's in the box: Ethiopia Shoondhisa Natural

Shoondhisa, this is one not to be missed! Single origin subscribers get to enjoy it this June. Shoondhisa is also available in our cafe and on the pour over menu so stop on by and don’t be a stranger!

Upon opening the bag and grinding the coffee you will be hit with strong aromas of berries, florals, and fresh baked muffins. In the cup there are tasting notes of chocolate mousse, lavender, strawberry, blueberry and purple salt water taffy. The overall impression is fruity and sweet! These flavors are present in part due to the natural processing, also known as dry-processing because the coffee cherry is picked and laid out to dry. This causes some silky, fruity, berry-like notes to be imparted into the cup when done well. The fact that this coffee is processed at such a high elevation (2100+ meters above sea level) with cooler temperatures also plays a big role in the taste. The varieties that comprise Shoondhisa are Gibrinna (74112) and Serto (74110). These are names not widely known because most Ethiopian coffees are simply labeled heirloom without the trace-ability down to the exact variety.

Osito sourced this coffee from the Dambi Uddo mill in Shakiso, Guji. This lot was separated out at the mill from cherries picked in the small town of Shoondhisa. The mill is managed by Ture Waji. I met Kyle, the founder of Osito importers, a few months back at the North East Roasters Forum. Kyle got his start working with farmers in Colombia and just this year expanded to Ethiopia. Osito is a farmer focused company and they buy coffees based off of fixed price contracts instead of prices related to where the market price is at, which fluctuates. This means more sustainable relationships and higher prices paid to the producers.