What's in the Box: Finca Reina and Guji Uraga

Washed Coffee at Uraga

February coffees for our single origin subscribers include Ethiopia Guji Uraga and Ecuador Finca Reina de la Asunción. These 2 coffees have really been hitting the spot on our pourover menu lately in the cafe.

Turns out this will be our last offering from Ethiopia from the 2017/2018 harvest. With shipments soon coming in from Ethiopia’s 2018/2019 harvest we are looking forward to picking out new lots to share soon! The beautiful thing about this Uraga is that it is holding up very nicely. When coffee ages it can lose some of it’s sparkle and vibrant flavors. When coffee is processed and dried with care the shelf life of the green coffee can be extended. The good practices in processing done to this lot show through as it still has great clean flavors. Uraga has a really great reputation for quality. I got to visit the Guji Uraga mill owned by Israel Defga back in December with our importer Keffa. Keffa has been working with exporters and privately owned mills in Ethiopia for about 10 years now. Look for notes of blue raspberry (think the candy!), jasmine florals, and lemonade. This coffee is brightening our winter days here in Pennsylvania!

Warehouse for dried coffee at Uraga

Now is the time of year to be enjoying coffees from Ecuador as they are tasting freshest. This coffee comes to us thanks to the work of the farmer Angel Benigno Capa Chamba and our importer, Coffee Quest, who met Angel at a local coffee competition in Loja, Ecuador. Angel is 50 years old and he has been producing coffee since he was 13! Angel is, however, new to producing specialty coffee. The local municipality made a push 3 years ago to provide technical assistance to coffee farmers, focusing on better processing methods to produce cleaner and sweeter tasting coffees. This has helped Angel fetch higher prices and he is very enthusiastic about working with Coffee Quest. This is a delicate cup, with subtle milk chocolate notes, brown sugar, grape soda, and watermelon. This is one that will keep you coming back for more!

Until next month, Cheers!