What's in the Box: Ethiopia Burka Gudina and Honduras Pacamara

2018_Sept Whats in the Box.jpg

This month we have another Ethiopia as well as our first Honduras offering of the season. 

Ethiopia is for sure one of our favorite origins because of the wild, bright, and clean coffee's that are produced there. This month's is a natural processed coffee from Burka Gudina Estate in Limu. It has a really nice silky body with notes of blueberries, chocolate and cream. It's a quite natural, an easy drinker, one that isn't screaming for attention with over the top fruity/fermenty notes. It's sweet, and it goes down easy. This is the 3rd Ethiopia offering of the year, and it won't be the last that our subscribers will get to enjoy before the end of this season. 

The Honduras Pacamara is from Hubert Nicolas' farm called El Tatascan. Pacamara is a hybrid variety (crossbred Pacas and Maragogipe), and the beans are quite large! Last month we sent out a natural processed Guatemala Pacamara, but expect this one to be quite different. Hubert Nicolas offering is washed (opposed to natural), giving it a more refined and clean taste. Look for notes of green grape, kiwi, caramel, some florals, and a nice balance of sweetness and acidity. We have found some more standout Honduras coffee's to share with you this year, so look out for some more of those to come!