Spring Fresh Crop Arrivals

This is a very exciting time of the year to be a roaster. Many fresh crop coffees are in transit all around the same time, slowly making their way through the mills at origin, into shipping containers, across the ocean, through customs, into our importer's warehouses, and finally to our roastery! 

Harvest in Ethiopia, Kenya, and central America occur simultaneously so it's an important time of the year for us to plan ahead and start selecting coffees to fill out our menu looking forward. We get samples from the importers we work with and roast 50 gram samples on our Ikawa sample roaster, then evaluate them through cupping. Before getting samples we have an idea of how much we need to buy, and what we are buying for. Do we need a single origin that will shine on it's own, or do we need a solid blender coffee? Knowing what we need helps us to select our lots with more discretion. 

Thankfully not all origins harvest at the same time. We can get coffee's from Colombia pretty much throughout the year. Sumatra, Peru, Rwanda, Brazil also come in at different times. Our Honduras coffee from the COMSA cooperative that we use for Punch in the Face just arrived to our roastery, it was perfect timing as we just ran out of what we bought from last years harvest. We have fresh crop Guatemala that just landed that is now in our Breakfast Blend. And we have the fresh crop Ethiopia Limu Gera

There are plenty of good coffees we have booked and lined up for the summer, and a few more we are still selecting to fill a few spots. Happy brewing!