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Experimental, full-bodied, fun. The Aeropress is a unique device that allows for endless experimentation with brewing. It is durable, unique and great for when you just want to make one cup of coffee. It delivers a full-bodied, sweet, and delicious cup. 

1.Boil your water while you get everything else set-up. 

2. Weigh out 19g of coffee, about 3 level tablespoons. Grind it fairly fine, finer than drip but not as fine as espresso. If it is too hard to press then your grind is too fine.

3. Apply the filter and cap onto the chamber with the plunger removed. Place chamber on top of mug or carafe. Rinse out with hot water to get rid of any papery taste from filter. 

4. Place the set-up on top of a scale, add the ground coffee, and tare the scale so it reads “0”.

5. Start a timer and add your water that has been resting off the boil, fill halfway and stir 5 times.

Aero Press Coffee Guide Backyard Beans

6. After stirring fill water to 270g and apply plunger. 

Aero Press Coffee Guide Backyard Beans

7. At 1:30 remove plunger, stir 5x, apply plunger and press. 

8. The press should take 20-30 seconds and you should feel moderate resistance as you press down.