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Backyard beans Nitro cold brew can.

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Backyard Beans Coffee Company Launches one of America’s firsts Nitrogen Infused Cold Brew Coffee Can

The Backyard Beans Punch in the Face Nitro Can - You can find this delicious treat in Mid-Atlantic Whole Foods and other local retailers.

July 26, 2016 Lansdale, PA –Matthew Adams, founder and owner of Backyard Beans Coffee Co., had an unorthodox, grassroots start in the coffee business. The story began when he started experimenting with how to roast coffee in his backyard with his simple Weber grill. When friends and family fell in love with his backyard roasts, he took his coffee to his local farmers' market in Lansdale, PA. People responded well to his beans from one farmers' market to another so he soon began selling to Whole Foods Markets locally. Adams quit his consulting job in Philadelphia one year ago to pursue the dream full-time. 

Adams has always wanted to do more than just roast coffee, he is constantly experimenting with new products. Over two years ago he began offering nitro cold brew on tap at the farmers' markets. He then began offering bottled cold brew at local retailers. Inspired by the cold brew movement, he decided to take it to the next level by producing a nitro canned cold brew.

Punch in the Face nitro cold brew is created with his best selling roast, a dark roasted bean sourced from an organic co-op in Marcala, Honduras. The nitro infusion adds a velvety texture to the rich dark chocolate notes in the coffee. The bold, smooth flavor with the creamy texture makes for a perfect iced coffee. 

Backyard Beans is now one of a select few companies in America to offer this delicious treat. While other companies are nationally known, Adams’ company is local and specifically caters to roasting in small batches, which results in rich taste.