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Variety Pack / Four Whole Bean 8oz bags - Backyard Beans Coffee Co.

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Do you like trying a variety of coffees and always keeping things fresh and new? Our variety pack brings you four different coffees, 8oz each, allowing you to try more of our menu. We are offering 3 options: the Staples, the Spectrum, and the Single Origin. 

The Staples - this will include Punch in the Face, Breakfast, Sumatra, and Wild. These are all medium to dark roast coffees. 

The Spectrum - this will include Punch in the Face, Sumatra, and two lighter roast single origin coffees. 

The Single Origin - these are coffees that are roasted to highlight the unique characteristics specific to the bean. Every coffee has numerous environmental factors that contribute to taste, this is referred to as "terroir". How the coffee is processed after harvest is another big factor in taste. 

*whole bean only*

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Variety Pack 2017.jpg