Rwanda Kopakama Peaberry
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Rwanda Kopakama Peaberry / Light Roast - Backyard Beans Coffee Co.

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Tasting notes: peach, lime, black tea. 

Location: Rubengera Sector, Karongi, Rwanda 

Altitude: 1,500 - 1,800 masl

Varietal: Bourbon

Process: Fully washed, sun-dried with shade on raised beds

Koperative y’abanzi ba Kawa ba Mabanza in Kinyarwanda, or KOPAKAMA, means the Agricultural Coffee Co-operative of Mabanza – a former county of western Rwanda. The country has been re-organised into districts, but the name lives on. This co-op has just under 800 smallholder farmers who are members, many of whom are women.

"In 2008, a group of 180 women from the KOPAKAMA Cooperative came together to form a Women’s Group. The focal point of the group was to share in the challenge of rehabilitating coffee fields in order to earn a better living in the absence of their husbands. The women raise funds through their coffee sales to plant a collective coffee field called Ejo Heza, or A Beautiful Tomorrow. The money has also been invested in water access for the community and has been used to help poor members buy cows." -Royal Coffee, NY

Ejo Heza was purchased in 2013 and 244 women from Kopakama collectively own and operate the farm.

The premiums received from being fair trade certified have gone into local initiatives: gravity-fed water to serve the community, purchased a conference hall, help poor members buy cows, and provide greater access to electricity. 

*Kopakama is a fair trade certified co-op, they are currently working towards becoming certified organic and Rainforest Alliance certified.

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Rwanda Kopakama Peaberry