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Peru La Flor Del Zapote / Med-Light Roast - Backyard Beans Coffee Co.

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Tasting Notes: brown sugar, lavender, cocoa. Thick mouthfeel, almost custard like, with complex fruit and floral notes coming through. 

Farm Owner: Rony Lavan Guerrero

Origin: nestled between the villages La Palma and Las Pirias, in the district of Chirinos in the province of San Ignacio, Peru.

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 1,700 masl

Variety: 40% Bourbon, 10% Caturra, 30% Pache and 20% Catimor

Our importing partner, Farm to Roast, has sourced this coffee directly from the farm.

"The zapote is a fruit tree indigenous to Central and South America that produces both delicious fruits and delicate white flowers. The farm, La Flor del Zapote, took its name from these beautiful trees that surround it among the high mountains of the Peruvian jungle. ... All of the crops grown on this farm are produced using only organic fertilizers and the family leverages shade coverage provided by the surrounding fruit trees, and wild flowers. ... La Flor del Zapote is now four decades old and run by Rony Lavan Guerrero and his family of 8." -Farm to Roast

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Peru La Flor Del Zapote