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La Concepcion, Honduras Micro-lot / Light Roast - Backyard Beans Coffee Co.


Tasting Notes: roasted almonds, chocolate, raspberry. 

Producer: Manuel Parerra

Region: Marcala, Honduras

Variety: Bourbon

Altitude: 1655 masl

Process: Fully washed

Importer: Farm to Roast

We saved our favorite Honduras micro-lot for last this season. La Concepcion from Manuel Parerra is a stunner, 100% bourbon variety washed process coffee. Very clean, fruity, sweet, with a very pleasant finish. We cupped this coffee with Chris (owner of Farm to Roast) here in PA who sourced the coffee directly from Manuel Parerra and it was a clear standout. 

A bit about Manuel Parerra: A passion grew in Parerra from an early age as he watched his father work on numerous coffee farms. At the young age of 16 he came to the US and worked for five years. His love for coffee and his home community brought him back to Honduras in 2005. This is when he purchased the land that is now La Concepcion. Here he tirelessly experiments with and cultivates specialty coffee. 

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backyard beans august 2017 (14 of 30).jpg