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Colombia Kankuamos / Medium/Light Roast - Backyard Beans Coffee Co.

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Tasting Notes: rich chocolate with mild notes of cherry


Location: Town of Atanquez in the department of Cesar

Altitude: 2,000 masl

Varieties: Typica and Caturra

Process: Fully Washed, Sun Dried on Patios

Harvest: October-February 2016/2017


"ASOPROKAN stands for “Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta Agroecological Indigenous Kankuamo Producers Association”. This coop was formed by the indigenous tribe, Kankuamo, which is a unique attribute to this coffee. The coop is located in a town called Atanquez, which is located on the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range. ASOPROKAN was created in 2008 and it consists of 150 indigenous families. It was started to initiate programs for the socio-cultural and socio-economic recovery of the Kankuamo people. The organization resides on about 520 hectares, providing each family with about 3 hectares."

-Royal Coffee NY

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Colombia Kankuamos.jpg